26 September 2005

Week 3 Roto Recap

For your enjoyment: The Week 3 rantings of a fantasy football lunatic on each game.
No, it isn't me.

Because you can't wait to hear how my fantasy teams did this weekend...
Here are the highly anticipated re-caps (My Team in Bold):

Birmingham League
Vaqueros 104 (2 players left to play: WR Rod Smith; TE Tony Gonzalez)
mojo 139

I need a few solid days from Rod & Gonzo in this AFC West tilt to squeak out a win. Wish me luck.

Frozen Tundra League
Bandidos 219.17 Final (3-0-0)
Culpepper's Heroes 108.15 (0-3-0)

MVP: LT (300 total yards & 4 TDs) & Westbrook (200+ total yards & 2 TDs)

Sorry, Josh. Even Daunte's Inferno couldn't save you from the Bandido Buzzsaw.

Kansas City League
Diablos 235.15 Final (1-0-0)

Angela's Boys 221.90 (0-1-0)

MVP: Shaun Alexander - 4 TDs

Angela got me in a dogfight Week 1. This one's payback.
Hey...we're equal opportunity around here.

Don't be shy.

Share your team's scores in the comments below.
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