15 September 2005

TMQ & the rest of Week 2

Chiefs looked pretty tough last week...and it's Raider Week.

Chiefs @ Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Scouting report
The Chiefs showed great improvement in their run defense against the Jets. The defensive linemen engaged the Jets blockers and let the fast trio of Chiefs linebackers make the tackles. Expect the same type of strategy against the Raiders and halfback LaMont Jordan. The Chiefs corners don't have the speed to match up with Randy Moss, but Patrick Surtain is a smart player who knows how to play the deep ball. He knows how to angle for interceptions. The big problem for the Raiders is how to stop the short-passing game of the Chiefs. The Raiders have two former defensive linemen as outside linebackers -- Tyler Brayton and Grant Irons. About 13 minutes into the Patriots opener, the Raiders had to go to more nickel defenses because Tom Brady was killing Brayton and Irons in pass coverage. This could be the perfect type of game for Priest Holmes to get more than 200 yards of total offense. Holmes should kill them on the screen passes. He's off to a great start running the football. The only concern is the health of left tackle Willie Roaf, who caused a big drop off in offensive production after he left the Jets opener with a hamstring injury.

A few days late for TMQ...but I'm posting a link anyway:

Tuesday Thursday Morning Quarterback - Week 2 (suitable for printing)
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