07 June 2005

Keepin' It in the (Pujols) Family

The new Pujols....literally.
Wil Pujols
Say hello to Albert's cousin, Wilfredo, taken by the Cards with the 200th pick.

The resemblance is uncanny.

It's like looking in a mirror...if you were Albert Pujols.

Can the Cards catch lightning in a bottle twice? It doesn't hurt to find out.

Here's a look at the other picks through day 1 of the draft:

Cards' 2005 Draft Picks through 200
28. Colby Rasmus/CF/Russell Co. HS
30. Tyler Greene/SS/Georgia Tech
43. Mark McCormick/RHP/Baylor U
46. Tyler Herron/Wellington Comm. HS
70. Joshua Wilson/RHP/Whitehouse HS
78. Nicholas Webber/RHP/CMSU
110. Daryl Jones/CF/Spring HS
140. Bryan Anderson/C/Simi Valley HS
170. Mitchell Boggs/RHP/U Georgia
200. Wilfredo Pujols/RF/Fort Osage HS
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