23 June 2005

Life A.E. - After "Ed"

"(TBS) can kiss my Stuckeyvillian ass!"
-slighty altered quote by Ed after the Festival of Ducks(episode 6)

I guess because the evil empire of TBS will soon be taking my favorite midday show off the air on June 30, I need to get this off my chest. BTW...it's being replaced by Becker. Becker?!?!

Bear in mind, I've seen every episode of this masterpiece set in Stuckeyville, and I'm fully aware of all that happens in the complete 4 seasons.

Think of this more as a open question to anyone that can answer it for me.

Let me begin by stating that I hate Dennis Martino. So, how on God's green earth could Carol Phyllis Vessey hook up with him? Is it just me? What could she possibly see in him?

So, I guess the way to Carol's heart is this:

1. Be dismissive to her.
2. Break her down verbally, summing up her life in one continuous thought.
3. Treat her like dirt.
Effect: She kisses you.

Forget about aligning the stars, throwing waffles at her bedroom window, even the knight in shining armor thing...that just scares the crap out of her....

Whew....sorry about that...a little frustrating, this show is.

So, come June 30th, I fully expect a riot to unsheath itself on the TBS HQ. The casting aside of this great show will not go without a fight. The only way that I could be happy with this is seeing NBC resurrect Stuckeyville and restore it in all its glory back on the primetime peacock.
Or...give Warren Parker Cheswick the spin-off he has earned and deserves.

Vaya con Dios, Edguardo.

The floor is yours, dear reader. Shave my poodle.
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