04 June 2005

Musica Tag Residue

Earlier, we shared the fodder left from a fun music meme from Kirsten.

Our friend, -B, has compiled his scribbling and answered the call on his musical memories here.

Also, here are Brian's offerings for mass consumption:

The Last CD I bought:
"Blueberry Boat" by The Fiery Furnaces
This brother and sister pair are friggin awesome. You can tell they spent way too much time listening to The Who as children. It almost sounds like snippets from a musical at times. These guys will hook you and you'll never be the same. (That is how it happened for me)

CD Playing Right Now:
"The Throes" by The Two Gallants
It is like Neil Young meets Dylan meets Neil Diamond, but recorded like Bright Eyes. These two 21 year olds from San Fran are sweet. This album will not disappoint.

5 songs on heavy rotation:
(No time for writeups here: these arent my favs of all-time, but more of the songs I am listening to right now and when they come on I hit "back" on the dial to hear them again)

"Last Goodbye" Jeff Buckley
"Crow Jane" The Two Gallants
"Single Again" The Fiery Furnaces
"The Engine Driver" The Decemberists
"The Beast and the Dragon Adored" Spoon

The power of music. Gotta love it.
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