04 June 2005

Shave My Poodle!

"Oh Carol, I know about your attraction to me... let's just stop torturing ourselves, and let's start doin' it already!"
- Ed Stevens (to Carol, in gymnasium)

I love Ed.

The show is one of my all-time favorites, and for the last 4 months, thanks to TBS, I've been watching every episode Monday through Friday at noon ET.

I know I've seen every episode already. I don't care. I get sucked in every day just the same.

With that, if you too share an occasional $10 bet to order a Shirley Temple in front of your date, check out Stuckeyville.com (link on the right as well) for all things Edward Jeremy Stevens.

In the meantime, shake the dust off that sweet bowling shirt and have that 10 spot at the ready, you magnificient bastard.
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