12 September 2008

Fringe Benefits

Today, I’m creating some web banners for the work website. I’m in the process of tracking down some stuff for Fringe, the new JJ Abrams show on FOX.

While hunting for jpegs, gifs, and whatnot, we discovered a cool little marketing freebie today. One of our producers received a Fringe Promo Tool Kit a few weeks ago with the pilot on DVD and a neat little voice recorder that’s totally a JJ Abrams marketing ploy.

I could try to describe it…but it’s better to just show you.

Neat, huh? I like how they burned the leaf design right onto the recorder’s display.
Very Abrams, indeed.

BTW…I still haven’t seen the pilot yet. KO and I are catching up on other shows, but we are TiVoing the show (season pass, bitches!). So…no spoilers.

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