02 September 2008

I (Don't) Like Ike...or Josephine

Forecast Models courtesy Weather Underground.
Side Note: For a really cool site for graphic weather geeks, visit
Storm Pulse. Thx KO.


When are these storms gonna stop? 2 years and only one tropical storm rolls through SWFL (Ernesto...for all you scoring at home). Now, it's just a congo line of atmospheric terror.

I really thought Gustav was headed our way....instead it attacked our beloved Big Easy.

Now...it's Hanna...which looks like it's making a turn...but, it's too early to tell on 9-2.

Behind that is the real scary storm...Ike.

Let's just say i don't like what the spaghetti plots are telling me for this pattern.

That said...we'll just sit and wait...and blow to the east.

Oh yeah...and just when you thought it was safe...

Hello Josephine! Ugh...

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