02 July 2003

Dreaming of Motown

As most of you loyal readers (all two of you) know, Wilco is by far my favorite band. In case you haven't visited her site, KO's flying back home to Detroit this week.

Well, it just so happens that the said favorite band is playing the Comerica TasteFest today.

But alas, she is trekking up north the U.P. (stands for "upper pennisula", or the top of the hand) for some quality time with the parentals and won't make it there in time for the free show.


Free shows are the best, let alone when it's a band you love (though I have a strong premonition that I like them slightly more than her).

Case in Point: The best concert I've seen was a free show.

Ryan Adams | The Blue Note | 10.3.01

Oh well. I'm know she'll have fun, even without the boys from Chicago.

Keep spreadin' the Wilco love
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