18 July 2003

A Royal Task at Hand

Things couldn't be better for the Kansas City Royals, right?
Sure, they have arguably the best team in baseball in town for 3 games, but that should bring the fans out in droves. The Royals - A Marquee Matchup?

Believe it.

Alas, though, there could be problems on the horizon. After leading the Royals through six solid innings tonight to take the first game against Seattle, Jose Lima, the improbable ace of the Royals staff, pulled his groin (behave!) and could miss significant time. Keep your fingers crossed for Lima time to return soon.

On the bright side, Juan Gonzalez and his 23 homers, 66 RBIs and a .288 average could be heading to KC. That's still a big if, but could be just the punch this team needs on offense.

Plus, with the possibility of Kyle Snyder returning soon, the Royals need to send a message to the rest of the AL Central: Those 7 games will be tough to make up.

This 8 game stretch will be crucial to knocking on the door for a playoff berth.
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