01 July 2003

You mean, we don't all want to watch Fear Factor and The Real World

Per usual, it takes a little egghead like Neilsen's fact-finding mission in May to bring the powers that be to the realization that the audience tends to enjoy creativity and originality.

Hey....I would've told them for half the price. Read on:

One month into the postseason summer frame, the aggressive rollout of original programming is paying off for the Big Four broadcast networks.

From May 22-June 22, the overall level of homes using television is up 2% from the comparable period last year to a 55.4 rating. But for all the talk about how reality programs tend to skew younger, the biggest summer-to-summer gains have come in the 35-plus demo categories. Viewership among adults 18-49 is essentially flat from the same period in summer 2002, while viewership among men in the 18-49 and 18-34 demos is down 3%, a decline attributed to the weak turnout this month for the NBA Finals on ABC. The numbers for women 18-49 are up 3% and up 1% for women 18-34. NBC and Fox boast the largest summer-to-summer gains in the adults 18-49 category, with NBC up 14% to a 3.3 rating (a figure that excludes NBC's summer 2002 NBA Finals telecasts), while Fox has climbed 13% to a 2.7. In total viewers, Fox has taken the biggest summer-to-summer leap with an 18% spike to an average of 6.3 million viewers.

courtesy Grahme Newell's Ideanet

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