25 July 2003

"Sticky" Note

Let me be the first to wish you all a Happy Pine Tar Incident Day.
Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the infamous Pine Tar Incident, where after tagging a monstrous jack off Goose Gossage late in a game at Yankee Stadium, George Brett was rung up by home plate umpire Tim McClelland. It seems that dear old George's bat was determined to have accrued more than 18 inches of pine tar on its handle, thus breaking an archaic and, IMO, a pointless old rule. It didn't help that the late king of all intigators and a Royal pain in the ass Billy Martin was leading the charge.

It's a good thing that Number 5 looks back so fondly at his most famous career highlight.

Let's just hope that our pine tar laden friend George keeps quiet the anniversary of his first hemorroid. *shivers*

Oh well, maybe he can fall back on a possible new part-time gig that could shake up the highly competitive Kansas City sports radio wars.

I, for one, wouldn't kick him off the mike for too much pine tar.
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