06 July 2003

Number One...with a Bullet

What a difference a week makes.

After wallowing in fourth place of the All Star Voting in the outfield just last Tuesday, Albert Pujols shot to the top spot, even passing Barry Bonds for number one on the NL list.

In the end, the 2001 AL and NL Rookies of the Year arguably the best ever, both ended up as the top vote getters for their respective leagues.

Here's how the NL outfield race finished up:

Pujols (2,030,702)

Bonds (1,919,116)

Sheffield (1,533,278)

Sosa (1,390,355)

In one week, Pujols picked up approximately 1.3 million votes to garner his 1st All-Star Selection. Other Cardinals making the trip to Comiskey are:

Elected to start for the NL

Renteria [SS]

Rolen [3B]

Cardinal reserves include:

Jim Edmonds [OF]

Woody Williams [SP]

Justice prevails. Congratulations Prince Albert!

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Click here for a complete list of the NL All-Stars.

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