08 February 2005

A(nother) Ghost Is Born

A Free EP Download! By Wilco! Sign me up!

If you, dear reader, are also interested, read on below.

But be forewarned: Your copy of A Ghost Is Born will be necessary.
Wilco and Nonesuch will be re-releasing A Ghost in Born in Europe with a 5-track bonus disc in conjunction with the band's March tour. For those of you who already own a copy of the CD, It will also be available as an "enhanced content" free download. Meaning you'll be able to access the download only with the CD in your computer drive. The tracks will also be available for purchase via iTunes for anyone who does not own the physical CD.

The track listing:

At Least That What You Said (live)
The Late Greats (live)
Handshake Drugs (live)
Kicking Television

All three live tracks are from the band's October 2004 show at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, Wisconsin. The two studio tracks are from the Ghost album sessions.

Listening to: "gone for good" - the shins
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