20 February 2005

Cheatin' on Oscar

It's that time of year again...Oscar time.

Which can mean only one thing. Time to fill out your Oscar office pool sheets.

Well, we here at the Blog aim to please and help you out, dear reader, by sending to you that bastion of evil, cheater of cheats...Roger Ebert?

Yes, he who prefers blue blazers and grey sweater vests is now harnessing his evil powers for good and breaking down the unwritten rules of Oscar.

Click. Peruse. Fill out your winning sheets and gloat like the Hollywood mogul wanna-be you are.
Just know that as the distributor of the above info, I'll be expecting my cut. 25 percent should be sufficient...and don't think about skipping out on me. The desert isn't too far away...and you know what's buried there.

Addendum: If you are so bold as to challenge the great Ebert, you can attempt to outguess him here.
Good luck to all you poor saps.
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