25 February 2005


The following is the email response to my correspondence with Travis regarding the impending arrival of our ten year reunion.


What's with all the questions in you last email? Why are you so hyper? Why did I feel like I was your shrink and you were paying two hundred dollars an hour to set on my couch and answer your own questions? Why is that music from the end of Soap now running through my head while I review all of this? All of this and more will be answered in a phone call soon. I don't know if you all might be going for sure because it is still quite a long ways away. Also, you can't be old because that means I'm old and I don't like the sound of that. Talk to you later.


This is my friend.
What can I say? He's a funny guy. How can you not be with a reference to the genius of Soap in this day and age?
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