19 February 2005

A Crooner's Crisis

A Little Help, People...

I'm standing up at my brother Casey's wedding as his best man in May. Most of you don't know my brother, but just envision the coolest guy on earth and that should be good.

Anyway, I'm also singing at the reception for his dance with our Mom. (Touching, I know...)

What I need is some help picking out a song to sing for their dance. I'm leaning toward Elton John, since my mom loves him. Any suggestions? I could really use your help with this, dear reader, as I'm kinda stuck choosing something.

Plus, if anyone has another suggestion that they would like to throw out, I'm cool with that. Stuff by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, plus any other old standards...your help is more than welcome.

Come on, help a brother out....and mine, too.

You can post any suggestions you have in the comments below, or email me.

Thanks for your help, everyone!
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