10 February 2005

Talk About...Pop Music

A little under a year ago, Pepsi started their free iTunes promotion wherein 1 of every 3 20 oz. drinks had a "free song" code under its cap.

Well, the fun is back...and thanks to my little cheat I picked up last year, I'm stocking up on free music once again thanks to the good folks @ PepsiCo.

Sure, I look like an idiot, but a small moment of ridicule from some total strangers is worth every new song.

What can I say? I'm a slave to the music.

Current free song tally: 8

New free songs
  • "One More Time" - Daft Punk (Correction: No Daft on iTunes...Blasphemy!)
  • "The Promise" - When in Rome
  • "Canned Heat" - Jamiroquai (Can you tell I just saw Napoleon Dynamite?)

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